Grieg String Quartet in G-minor op.27
Olav Anton Thommessen - Felix Remix (2014)
Sibelius Voces - Intimae op.56

This recording launches a new phase in the life of the Engegård Quartet, both in terms of programming a themed recording, this time with a pure Nordic programme, and with a new record label, BIS.  The Engegård Quartet’s latest CD includes two of the Nordic string quartets that have received the greatest international attention, and have the firmest foothold in the quartet repertoire, Grieg´s String Quartet No.1 in G minor op.27 (1877-78) and Sibelius’ String Quartet in D minor op.56 ‘Voces Intimae’.  Grieg himself wrote that the G minor quartet, ‘concealed samples of that heart’s blood of which it is to be hoped posterity will see more than a few drops’.  The CD also includes the Engegård Quartet´s own commission from Olav Anton Thomessen (b.1946-), his String Quartet No.4, ‘Felix Remix’ (2014).