Grieg Minute by Minute - Engegård Quartet performing in the world's longest Grieg Concert


From Friday 15th - Saturday 16th June 2018, Norway will pay homage to Edvard Grieg on his 175th birthday.  This is being celebrated on national television and radio, with NRK broadcasting live in relay the complete works of Edvard Grieg.  This live broadcast will be the world's longest ever Grieg concert. Starting at 17.30 on Friday with op.1, 'Grieg Minute for Minute' is estimated to take 30 hours, and will involve over 600 musicians with 74 different works being performed in a variety of venues!  We are truly delighted be a part og this musical extravaganza, and will be performing the only string quartet at Grieg's former home, Troldhaugen in Bergen.  We will be setting our alarm clock, as the string quartet op.27 is due for broadcast live on NRK at 3.29am!!  

Read more about Grieg Minutt for Minutt and the Engegård Quartet on NRK's Webpage (Norwegian only).

Haydn – ‘Seven last words on the cross’ in Oslo, Trondheim, Bodø og Tromsø


The Engegård Quartet together with Bishop Emeritus, Tor B. Jørgensen, will perform Haydn's  'Seven last words on the cross' in four concerts throughout Norway.  The Engegård Quartet greatly look forward to performing this masterpiece, regarded by many as one of Haydn's most profound works.  Each movement will be interspersed with texts written and read by Tor B. Jørgensen.   The concerts take place the week before Easter. 

Friday 23rd March 19.30 at Kulturkirken Jakob in Oslo

Saturday 24th March 21.00 in Nidarosdomen, Trondheim

Sunday 25th March 19.30 at Bodø Cathedral, Bodø

Monday 26th March 19.30 in the Arctic Cathedral, Tromsø.

Tickets for these concerts can be purchased online at TicketCo


Engegård Quartet - UK tour March 2018

The Engegård Quartet are undertaking three tours to the UK in 2018.  The first of these tours will take place from 4th to 10th March when the Quartet will be performing in Conway Hall, London (Sunday 4th March), Luton Music Club (Monday 5th March), St David's Hall, Cardiff (lunchtime concert, Tuesday 6th March) and in Penzance (Saturday 10th March).   Further tours are planned in August 2018 and November 2018.  Concert details together with programmes can be found in our Concert Calendar.

Nils Økland and Engegård Quartet at Oslo Quartet Series

Nils Økland has taken Norwegian folk music into the realms of improvisation. The Engegård Quartet's projects with Nils delve into Norwegian music of many facets, including the classical greats like Griegs G minor Quartet, a 20th century foray into folk music by Johan Kvandal, and exploration of Nils´own compositions, very much inspired by his deep roots in folk music.

On Tuesday 27th February the Engegård Quartet again joined forces with Harding fiddle player Nils Økland in a concert as part of the Oslo Quartet Series at Gamle Logen, Oslo.   The programme was entitled 'Roots' and included Haydn's String Quartet op.76 no.1, Johan Kvandal's 'Quintet' for Harding fiddle and String Quartet, Bartok's 4th String Quartet and a selection of Nils' own compositions arranged for Harding fiddle and string quartet.  


Engegård Quartet and Bjørn Sundquist with 'Shakespeare meets Beethoven'


'Shakespeare meets Beethoven' is the Engegård Quartet's third project with award winning actor Bjørn Sundquist.  A tour with Bjørn in February 2018 saw us performing concerts at Melbu in the Lofoten Islands, northern Norway to Flekkefjord in the south.   In between were concerts in Tønsberg and Porsgrunn.   Excerpts from Shakespeare's  'As you like it', 'Macbeth', King Lear, Twelfth Night and Hamlet combined with Beethoven's late string quartet op.130 made for memorable performances.   We look forward to future collaborations with Bjørn.  


Successful Mozart 123 festival


Engegårdkvartetten and Nynorskens Hus with friends;

Christian Ihle Hadland, Eir Inderhaug, Martin Roscoe, Kjell Hillveg, Knut Erik Sundquist, Oslo Camerata, Rune Brodahl, Morten Carlsen, Morten Espeland, Michael Grolid, Henninge Landaas, Leif Arne Pedersen, Erlend Samnøen, Maksim Semenov, Gunnar Sæther, Vegar Vårdal, Storbygard, and Nordberg Strykeorkester were the artists performing with the Engegård Quartet at Mozart 123..

Mozart 123 - the Engegård Quartet's mini festival dedicated to Mozart's chamber music.  Six concerts were held over one weekend, with the final concert  in Universitets Aula on Sunday 12th November 2017.

2018 festival is Beethoven 123, and will take place in Nynorskens Hus, Oslo from 16th-18th November 2018. Save the dates!

Great reviews for the Engegård Quartet in Gramophone, BBC Music Magazine and Music Web International

Our CD og Grieg-Sibelius-Thommessen has received great views from British magazines,  ‘Gramophone’ and ‘BBC Music Magazine’.

«The more you listen to them the more you begin to sense the intelligence and refinement, as well as the freshness, of these readings.»

Richard Bratby, Gramophone, April 2016

Click to read the complete review in ‘Gramophone’ og ‘BBC Music Magazine’.

and …..

In ‘Music Web International’  renowned critic Tully Potter writes;

«This new version may be what Grieg lovers have been waiting for, as the music-making is urgent, fleet and intense

«The Grieg and Sibelius make a powerful combination and in such well-thought-out-and-executed interpretations

Tully Potter, Music Web International, februar 2016


Click here to read Tully Potter's review