Great reviews for the Engegård Quartet in Gramophone, BBC Music Magazine and Music Web International

Our CD og Grieg-Sibelius-Thommessen has received great views from British magazines,  ‘Gramophone’ and ‘BBC Music Magazine’.

«The more you listen to them the more you begin to sense the intelligence and refinement, as well as the freshness, of these readings.»

Richard Bratby, Gramophone, April 2016

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and …..

In ‘Music Web International’  renowned critic Tully Potter writes;

«This new version may be what Grieg lovers have been waiting for, as the music-making is urgent, fleet and intense

«The Grieg and Sibelius make a powerful combination and in such well-thought-out-and-executed interpretations

Tully Potter, Music Web International, februar 2016


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