Grieg Minute by Minute - Engegård Quartet performing in the world's longest Grieg Concert


From Friday 15th - Saturday 16th June 2018, Norway will pay homage to Edvard Grieg on his 175th birthday.  This is being celebrated on national television and radio, with NRK broadcasting live in relay the complete works of Edvard Grieg.  This live broadcast will be the world's longest ever Grieg concert. Starting at 17.30 on Friday with op.1, 'Grieg Minute for Minute' is estimated to take 30 hours, and will involve over 600 musicians with 74 different works being performed in a variety of venues!  We are truly delighted be a part og this musical extravaganza, and will be performing the only string quartet at Grieg's former home, Troldhaugen in Bergen.  We will be setting our alarm clock, as the string quartet op.27 is due for broadcast live on NRK at 3.29am!!  

Read more about Grieg Minutt for Minutt and the Engegård Quartet on NRK's Webpage (Norwegian only).