Almost historic…

Occasionally, concerts are different than you expect. In Håkonshallen on Sunday night I had low expectations for Grieg. I often feel  it has been performed with a heavy touch. However, I was pleasantly surprised.  The first movement was approached with death-defying verve,  full of varying shades and colours. It was very exciting, and felt as though one was involved in something almost historic; a truly energetic and "correct" performance! 

An exciting program, with three intense works that complemented each other very well. The Engegård Quartet play as if they have been together for decades, but at the same time have a youthful freshness which older quartets do not always have. Thanks for a really great concert!

Øystein Imset

Program: Beethoven String Quartet op. 95, Olav Anton Thommessen «Felix Remix» and Edvard Grieg String Quartet in G-minor op.27.