Masterful Mozart

That the Engegård Quartet has played Mozart's string quartets throughout their entire career is easily heard. 

It is the last three quartets of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (1756-1791) that the Norwegian string quartet has recorded this time. Three quartets that shows how formidable Mozart's writings were in the last years of his life - and that gives musicians the opportunity to shine.  As do the four musicians on this disc. 

There's something harmonious about this disc. String Masters is so well interoperable, that the whole thing almost becomes a little organic musical experience. The music and the musicians have a common pulse that is so right.

There is no revolutionary recording of the quartets who have the nickname "Prussian-quartets" - However, the listener is struck by the homogeneity of the Quartet and the delicate game being conveyed. One has simply conveyed Mozart's intentions in an outstanding manner. 
All three quartets make for extremely enjoyable listening. So simply enjoy. 

Trond Eriksen
Den Klassiske CD blogger (review translated from Norwegian)

Strykekvartett nr.21 D major K575
Strykekvartett nr.22 H-dur K589
Strykekvartett no.23 F major K590